Because of the specialist knowledge MILES has access to, we can provide you with a tailor-made answer to any complex cross-border question. Please see below several examples of certain situations.

Employment in multiple countries

You want your employee to work in multiple countries, for example throughout the European Union


MILES works closely together with partner LIMES international. LIMES international has been advising people and companies who operate across national borders for over thirty years. The company specialises in international tax, international social security, international employee compensation, immigration issues, HR issues and international labour law.

Hire Dutch talent abroad

You want to employ Dutch talent abroad


MILES itself has access to an international network that offers Employer of Record services in countries all over the world. In this way MILES can also help companies to employ Dutch employees abroad.

Expertise abroad

You would like to expand to Japan and would like to know which local laws and regulations you have to comply with in Japan


In addition to the specialist knowledge LIMES international has in house, the company is also affiliated to an international network (Geneva Group International). This way LIMES international has access to local knowledge in countries all over the country.