EOR for talent with an EU nationality

With our EOR service (in the Netherlands we call this payrolling) we can employ the talent you recruited with a Dutch or EU nationality. You find the right talent, we become their legal employer. This way, they can work for your company from the Netherlands. You might not even have to set up your own entity here.

You do the recruitment

We leave the recruitment entirely up to you. In case you would like to hire talent with a EU passport, there would be no difficulties concerning having to arrange permits.


Found highly skilled talent with a non-EU nationality? No problem, however, another hiring procedure applies. We can help you with that as well! Please see more information about our solution on the EOR for permit holders page.

We become the Employer of Record

After you have recruited the right talent for the job, we will act as the Employer of Record and place the talent on our payroll. We take care of the complete outsourcing of the administrative, fiscal, and legal tasks.

If applicable, we apply for the 30% ruling

And if applicable, the specialists of LIMES take care of the application for the 30% ruling; a substantial tax benefit from which both employee and hirer can benefit. Our partner LIMES international developed their unique online tool for the application.

What you get

When we become the Employer of Record of the talent you want to employ, you are ensured of:
  • The complete administrative unburden of being an employer.
  • Being compliant with the Dutch legislation and regulations.
  • A reliable partner with thorough knowledge about international employment.
  • A local account manager that is always available for you and the employee.


  1. You take on the recruitment.
  2. MILES becomes the Employer of Record.
  3. Your talent is able to start working for you. Let's go!