With our Employer of Record (EOR) and Permit service we make it possible for you to hire highly skilled migrants with a non-EU nationality in the Netherlands. You find the right international talent, we put them on our payroll, and we apply for the necessary permits and 30% ruling.

You do the recruitment

We leave the recruitment entirely to you. However, there are several conditions international talent must meet to be employed in the Netherlands as a highly skilled migrant.


  • They must earn a market-conformed salary.
  • With a minimum gross monthly salary of € 5,331 for employees that are 30 years and older, and € 3,909 for employees younger than 30. A reduced salary criterion of € 2,801 is applicable in certain situations (data for 2024).
  • The employer must be recognised as a sponsor by the Dutch Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND).


Recognised sponsors can easily and quickly apply for residence permits for employees and their family members as well.

We become the Employer of Record

After you have recruited the right talent for the job, we will act as the Employer of Record and place them on our payroll. By acting as a Recognised sponsor with the Dutch Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND), we make it possible for highly skilled international talent to be legally employed in the Netherlands.


We take care of the complete outsourcing of the administrative, fiscal, and legal tasks around cross-border labour.

And we apply for the necessary permits

LIMES’ immigration department will take the application for a work and residence permit completely out of your hands.

If applicable, we apply for the 30% ruling

And if applicable, the specialists of LIMES take care of the application for the 30% ruling; a substantial tax benefit from which both employee and hirer can benefit. Our partner LIMES international developed their unique online tool for the application.

Advantages of working with MILES

When you choose MILES, your employment and payroll is guaranteed to be properly regulated in accordance with the latest Dutch legislation and regulations. This way you know for sure that you are always compliant.

What you get

When we become the Employer of Record of the international talent you want to employ, you are ensured of:
  • The complete administrative unburden of being an employer.
  • A dedicated partner that handles the immigration and 30% ruling application.
  • Being compliant with the Dutch legislation and regulations.
  • A reliable partner with thorough knowledge about international employment.
  • A local account manager that is always available for you.


  1. You take on the recruitment.
  2. MILES becomes the Employer of Record.
  3. We apply for the necessary permits.
  4. Your talent is allowed to start working in the Netherlands.
  5. And if applicable, we even apply for the 30% ruling. Let's go!